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GCSE Maths Question of the Week

Each week I will choose a lovely question that has been created exclusively for the Maths GCSE by AQA, Edexcel or OCR for my Diagnostic Questions website. These are all questions that have either been answered poorly by students, or cover some material that you might not be familiar with.

There will be one question a week added to this page from now until your exam, and I really hope you find them useful. And I am only choosing questions that are appropriate for whatever awarding body you are following, so it doesn't matter if you do AQA, Edexcel or OCR, the questions are all relevant, I promise :-)


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  • Print the accompanying worksheet out, or just grab a piece of paper
  • Try to answer the question, explaining your answer
  • Try to explain why students might choose each of the 3 incorrect answers
  • Try to think of another incorrect answer that you would include, and explain why you would choose it
  • Watch the video to see if you agree with my answer. Apologies in advance for the dodgy handwriting. And the dodgy accent.
  • Follow the link to see how the rest of the country performed on this question
  • Have a go at the rest of the quiz that this question came from
  • If you need extra help, or want a challenge, I have put links to my Topics section, where you will find videos, worksheets and problem solving materials

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I have put together a set of collections of badly answered questions. You can answer these online or print them out. I will release three sets of these in total - one each week in the build up to the first exam. I hope you find them useful

Foundation Badly Answered Questions - Set 1

Foundation Badly Answered Questions - Set 2

Foundation Badly Answered Questions - Set 3

Higher Badly Answered Questions - Set 1

Higher Badly Answered Questions - Set 2

Higher Badly Answered Questions - Set 3

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Download the worksheet
  Get extra help on Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Watch the video:

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Number Questionskeyboard_arrow_up
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Percentage Increase (Foundation/Higher)
Fraction Application (Foundation/Higher)
Solving Equations with Surds (Higher)
Systematic Listing Strategies (Foundation/Higher)
Laws of Indices (Higher)
Standard Form (Foundation/Higher)
Highest Common Factor (Foundation/Higher)
Error Intervals (Foundation/Higher)
Dividing Fractions (Foundation/Higher)

Ratio and Proportion Questionskeyboard_arrow_up
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Inverse Proportion (Higher)
Direct Proportion (Foundation/Higher)
Ratio Recipes (Foundation/Higher)
Sharing in a Ratio (Foundation/Higher)

Algebra Questionskeyboard_arrow_up
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Perpendicular Lines (Higher)
Equation of a Circle (Higher)
Composite Functions (Higher)
Transforming Functions (Higher)
Equations, Expression, Formula, Identities (Foundation/Higher)
Turning Points of Quadratic Graphs (Foundation/Higher)
Quadratic Inequalities (Higher)
Tangent to a Circle (Higher)
Inverse Functions (Higher)
Iteration (Higher)
Geometric Sequences (Foundation/Higher)
Straight Line Graphs (Foundation/Higher)

Geometry and Measures Questionskeyboard_arrow_up
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Circle Theorems (Higher)
Distance Travelled (Higher)
Area of a Trapezium (Foundation/Higher)
Volume of a Cone (Foundation/Higher)
Similar Shapes (Foundation/Higher)
Angles and Algebra (Foundation/Higher)
Vectors (Foundation/Higher)
Angles in Polygons (Foundation/Higher)
Exact Values of Trigonometric Ratios (Foundation/Higher)
Transformation and Invariant Points (Higher)
Properties of Quadrilaterals (Foundation/Higher)

Data and Statistics Questionskeyboard_arrow_up
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Scatter Diagrams (Foundation/Higher)
Interpreting Grouped Data (Foundation/Higher)
Histograms (Higher)
Finding the Median (Foundation/Higher)
Interpreting Mean and Range (Foundation/Higher)
Interpreting Pie Charts (Foundation/Higher)

Probability Questionskeyboard_arrow_up
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Probability of Combined Events (Higher)
Venn Diagrams (Foundation/Higher)
Tree Diagrams (Foundation/Higher)