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This site is written to be accessible and readily comprehensible. It may therefore use terms other than those used by the examining boards and other authorities. All information has been compiled in good faith by Craig Barton, but to the extent permitted by law, no warranty is given to its completeness or accuracy or whether it is up-to-date and Craig Barton may not be held responsible for any loss suffered as a result of the information or anyone acting upon its content. In the event that you are in doubt concerning your homework or examinations I recommend that you seek further advice at your school or examining centre.

To the best of my knowledge I have sought and obtained permission to make available any of the resources on this site which have not been designed by myself, or I have linked to them directly on the resource creator's website. If you believe this not to be the case, I sincerely apologise. I have built up so many resources over the years that I often forget where they have come from, or the colleague I originally obtained them from cannot remember where they got them from, and so on! Please contact me and I will ensure you immediately get the credit you deserve for your resource, or should you wish they will be removed from the website straight away.