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The Mr Barton Maths Podcast: "changing useless time into CPD time" - @MrsG on Twitter

On the Mr Barton Maths Podcast I interview guests from the world of education who interest and inspire me. They may be fellow teachers, bloggers, thinkers, or people of influence. As well as discussing my guest's particular areas of interest, I always like to dig deep into their lesson planning process, and ask them to describe lessons that did not go so well and what they learned from the experience. Be warned, these interviews are intended to be long and in-depth, and are probably best digested across a few journeys to work or a few laps of the park with your dog.

It makes me so happy that many teachers are using these podcasts as CPD, either listening in the car, on long walks and bike rides, or doing the dishes. That was never the original intention, but it makes sense - I learn so much from each of my guests, so I shouldn't be surprised that others do too :-) I really hope you find my guests as interesting and inspiring as I do, thanks so much for listening, and please help spread the word!

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Often my guests recommend books and research papers for teachers to read. You can find details of all of these here:
Recommended Books for Teachers to Read
Recommended Educational Research Papers for Teachers to Read

Andrew Blair: Inquiry Maths
Andrew is a head of maths at the creator of We spoke about planning and delivering inquires in mathematics, explicit  instruction, developing fluency, problem solving, and evaluated evidence realted to memory, motivation and purpose.

Rachel Webster: How your Year 7s have been taught maths
Rachel is an experienced primary maths teacher. We spoke about what primary maths lessons look like, what topics they have covered, their problem solving skills, their use of manipulatives, what students might be expecting maths lessons to look like at secondary school, and much more.

Chief Examiner Trevor Senior: How GCSE Maths exams are written
Trevor is AQA’s Chief Examiner for the Maths GCSE. We spoke about when the GCSE maths writing process starts, who is involved, what makes a good question and what makes a bad question, what are the difficulties, how exams are marked, and much more.

Nick Rose: Mindset, Misconceptions and Differentiation
Nick is a former science teacher who now works as a researcher for TeachFirst. We spoke about inducing cognitive conflict, the dangers of differentiation, whether growth mindset is really a thing, and much more!

Ed Southall - Part 2: Puzzles and Lessons from Japan
We spoke about why maths puzzles are important, what makes a good puzzle, how maths lessons are taught in Japan, what we can learn from this approach, and how much student discussion should happen during examples.

Kris Boulton - Part 1: Lesson Planning, Englemann, Differentiation
We spoke in depth about how Kris plan his lessons, focussing on sequences not individual lessons, the influence of Siegfried Englemann, successful interleaving and the role of differentiation.

Robert and Elizabeth Bjork - Memory, Forgetting, Testing, Desirable Difficulties
We spoke about how memory works, why forgetting is so important, why tests are far more than tools of assessment, when and why to make learning difficult, optimal spacing schedules, how to interleave successfully, and a whole lot more.

SPECIAL: Bedley Brothers Podcast: The pitfall of inquiry based learning with Craig Barton
My attempt to break the US as I am interviewed on the excellent Bedley Brothers podcast about my views on Direct Instruction versus discovery based learning.

Dani Quinn - Part 2: Michaela School, Behaviour, Drills, Culture
In the follow-up to the controversial first interview we spoke about the behaviour policy at Michaela, the practice of drilling, teaching for understanding and the staff culture.

Daisy Christodoulou – Assessment, Multiple Choice Questions, 7 Myths about Education
We spoke about what makes a good assessment, the importance of planning examples, the power of multiple choice questions, the dangers of an over-reliance on past papers, comparative judgement and more!

Dani Quinn - Part 1: Michaela, Lesson Planning and Low Stakes Tests
We spoke about what maths lessons at Michaela Community School looks like, the importance of their weekly test, and how competition between students is used.

Greg Ashman - Cognitive Load Theory and Direct Instruction v Inquiry Based Learning
We spoke about the implications of Cognitive Load Theory for planning and teaching mathematics (although the lessons are applicable to all subjects), and why Greg prefers direct instruction as opposed to inquiry based approaches to learning.

Paul Rowlandson - Bar Modelling, Questioning, Shanghai, Tokyo & Training Teachers
We spoke about planning for understanding, bar modeling, advice on questioning, what Paul learned from his trips to Shanghai and Toyko, advice for teacher training and much more.

Tom Bennett - Behaviour, Teacher Workload and ResearchEd
We spoke about in depth about managing behaviour in the classroom, including addressing some common myths. We also spoke about how best to tackle teacher workload, and what Tom considers to be the most important pieces of educational research.

John Corbett - Flipped Learning, Making Videos and Corbett Maths
We spoke about planning and delivering lessons using a flipped learning approach, the process that goes into creating maths videos, writing good maths questions, and advice for new teachers.

Dylan Wiliam - Author, Researcher, Trainer and Assessment for Learning Expert
This is an absolute must-listen for teachers of all subjects. We spoke about feedback, planning, questioning, research, lesson observations, and what Dylan wishes he had known when he started teaching.

Ed Southall - Part 1: PGCE Tutor, Teacher and SolveMyMaths
We spoke about good questioning, dodgy plenaries, creating a safe learning environment, and false conventional wisdom

Beth Lilley - A year as an NQT
We spoke about the pressures of being an NQT, maintaining a work-life balance, and Beth shares her top tips for surviving and thriving during a grueling year.

Jamie Frost – Dr Frost Maths and Teaching High Achievers
We spoke about planning sequences of lessons, the importance of internalising concepts, and teaching high achievers.

Mark McCourt – Ofsted, emaths, La Salle Education and NCETM
We spoke about Ofsted lesson observations, teacher training, being Head of Department and why Mark has never marked a book in his life!

Stefanie Sullivan – Maths PGCE Tutor from Nottingham University
We spoke in-depth about the lesson planning process, habits of successful trainees, and the most common reasons for teachers leaving the profession.

Will Emeny – Great Maths Teaching Ideas and Numeracy Ninjas
We spoke about  being a successful Head of Department, prior learning dependency flow and the fascinating subject of memory

Dan Meyer – dy/dan, 3 Act Math and Desmos
We spoke about good and bad uses of technology in teaching and learning, the future of Desmos and the excellent Aspirin and Headache series.

Charlie Stripp – NCETM and MEI
We spoke about the importance of times tables, Mastery teaching and the best and worst features of the new maths GCSE.

Bruno Reddy – Times Table Rockstars and
We spoke about creating the right culture in lessons and in school, homework and written feedback, mixed attainment classes, Mastery, Shanghai, and much, much more!

Mel Muldowney – JustMaths
We spoke about running a maths department, moving to a new school, and her now award-winning way of preparing students for the demands of the Maths GCSE.

Jo Morgan – Resourceaholic
We spoke about organising resources, blogging, Twitter and advice for NQTs.

Oxbridge Interview Special
On this episode I interviewed four Year 13 students about their experience in their recent Oxford and Cambridge interviews, which should be useful for anyone thinking of applying or helping a student prepare.

Neil Ogden – Maths Specialist at OCR
As part of my trilogy of interviews with the awarding bodies about the new Maths GCSE, and what it is like to do their job, I spoke to Neil Ogden from OCR

Graham Cumming – Head of Maths at Edexcel
As part of my trilogy of interviews with the awarding bodies about the new Maths GCSE, and what it is like to do their job, I spoke to Neil Ogden from OCR

Andrew Taylor – Head of Maths at AQA
As part of my trilogy of interviews with the awarding bodies about the new Maths GCSE, and what it is like to do their job, I spoke to Neil Ogden from OCR