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Transforming Graphs and Functions: Rich Tasks

You cannot beat a good rich task! For me, a rich task is one that both stimulates and challenges students of all ages and abilities. Here is a selection of some of my favourites.


Median Rich Tasks and Purposeful Practise keyboard_arrow_up
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There are no words to express how much I love Don Steward and his amazing resources on his Median Blog. They allow for purposeful practise, to enable students to gain fluency in key skills. But they also have more than a sprinkling of richness, that leads students merrily along the path towards hypotheses and generalisations. Amazing.

Graph Transforms
Translating y = x squared

NRICH keyboard_arrow_up
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NRICH is simply one of the best websites for rich maths problems in the whole wide world.

Parabolic Patterns
Tangled Trig Graphs

Other Rich Tasks keyboard_arrow_up
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A selection of some of my favourite rich tasks, including – I must confess – some of my own. For my complete collection, including my thoughts on what makes a good rich task, please visit the Rich Tasks page.

Venn Diagrams – Transforming Functions