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Sketching Quadratic Graphs: Lessons

If you want a complete lesson, a Tarsia jigsaw, or a fun and engaging lesson activity, then you have come to the right place!


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Complete lessons from some of my favourite authors. There are few better places to your own planning process.

Dr Frost: Sketching Quadratics
Pixi: Expanding double brackets and sketching quadratics
Mistry Maths: Quadratic graphs sketching lesson

MAP: Representing Quadratic Functions Graphically

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I have been a Tarsia fan for many years. Visit the my tarsia page for lots of different ideas for using this wonderful free resource, and to get hold of the software yourself.

completing the square - find vertex and y intercept
completing the square - find vertex and y intercept (no answers)

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A selection of some of my favourite, free maths activities to use in lessons. I have tried out each and every one with my students.

TES: Quadratic Graph Match
Standards Unit C1: Linking the Properties and Forms of Quadratic Functions
Completing the Square match-up cards
Label the Coordinates
Sketching Quadratic Graphs from an Equation
Quadratic Graph Match
Alutwyche: Time Rider with Laura Craft - Quadratic Graphs
Alutwyche: Throwing a Cricket Ball Quadratic Graphs