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Transforming Graphs and Functions: Interactive Resources

When technology is used effectively the results are phenomenal. This selection of top-quality resources allows you to demonstrate key concepts in a visual, interactive manner, and students to hypothesise and investigate


GeoGebra keyboard_arrow_up
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I am constantly blown away by all the things you can do on GeoGebra. Hopefully the following applets – all of which run without the need to download any software – will help enhance the teaching and learning of this topic

Transforming: Translations
Transforming a General Function
Transforming Different Functions
Transforming Different Functions 2

Wolfram Alpha Widgets keyboard_arrow_up
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Wolfram Alpha is simply the best computational knowledge engine on the planet. I have built a series of Wolfram Alpha widgets which can be used to check answers, make up questions, or investigate topics further.

Desmos Classroom Activities keyboard_arrow_up
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I have adored using the free Desmos Graphing Calculator in my lessons for a few years now, but have only recently discovered the power of Desmos Classroom Activities, which allow students to investigate, and you to monitor, record and facilitate collaboration and discussion.

General Transformations
Blue Point Rule
Introduction to Transformation of Functions
Transformations Review
Transformations Practice
Transforming Functions
Explore Transforming Functions

Quadratic Transformations
Single Transformations of Quadratics
Transforming Quadratics - Part 1
Transforming Quadratics - Part 2
Quadratics Graphing Lab

Trigonometric Transformations
Transforming Trigonometric Functions
Connect the Dots, Trig Style
Polygraph: Transforming Trigonometric Functions