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Maths Starters, Quick Practice and Cover Work

The following resources are absolutely ideal. Each of the links here share two wonderful things in common: you can generate an infinite number of questions, and you get all the answers. Oh, and they are completely free!

Here are three ways you might use them:

1. In class on the Interactive White Board

Project up the set of questions at the start of a lesson to ensure a focussed, purposeful 5 minutes. Or use them as a replacement for a worksheet mid-lesson and save yourself some time and budget at the photocopier. The fact that many of the resources offer different difficulties of questions makes them perfect for this. And when you are ready, just click to reveal the answers!

2. As worksheets for use in class or homework

Some of the resources below are specifically designed to create worksheets, which is perfect. But even the ones which are not can be turned into worksheets using screen shots. These can be then used in class, or as homework, and the fact that you can generate an infinite number of questions means you have an alternative worksheet up your sleeve if a student requires some extra practice.

3. To create cover work

We have all been there. You need to quickly find some decent cover work for you or a colleague, and there just isn't any around. Well, by quickly creating either a worksheet or a screen shot of the questions means you have some instantly. Better still, you can also supply the answers so the cover teacher can give help, and the students can make their work at the end of the lesson. Missing lessons has never felt less stressful!

So, fire them up and give them a whirl. And a massive thank you to all the wonderful people who use their skills to produce these.

Mr Carter Maths
There are two sections to this beauty. Differentiated Topics consists of Bronze, Silver and Gold questions on a whole host of topics that can be projected onto the board. Then there is the Worksheets section where you can... you guessed it, generate and print worksheets.

MathsBot - Differentiated Questions
Generates a set of differentiated questions on your chosen topic, which can be beautifully projected onto the board. Answers can be revealed individually by clicking on the tiles or by using the 'Show Answers' button.

MathsBot - Starter Generator
Choose the topic, choose the time limit, choose the number of questions, the difficulty, pretty much anything you want. Project these up and the board and you are laughing!

Interactive Maths - Specified Topic Generator
Choose how many questions you want, and a box will appear for each question where you can choose which topic you want for that question. You can adjust the options for each question. When ready, create the questions to show on the board, or create a printable worksheet from the questions

MathsBot - GCSE Revision Grid
This is amazing! Generates the more longer form, wordy GCSE Questions, which you an filter by topic or go for a random selection. You can ever choose your tier and whether you want calculator or non calculator questions. Ideal!

MathsBot - GCSE Practice Paper
At the risk of repeating myself, this too is amazing. Flipping brilliant, in fact. You can generate GCSE practice papers of any length you want, with questions from any given subject area, and the answers are included.

MathsBot - Worksheet Generator
If you ever want to generate a worksheet, on pretty much any topic, together with answers, then this is the place to go.

Interactive Maths - Random Topic Generator
Use the check boxes to show options, and to choose which topics you want to include. You can refresh individual questions according to the current topic selection (change to a specific topic by only selecting that topic). Then choose your Question Settings. You can display questions on a board, show all answers together, or one at a time. You can also generate a worksheet with those questions.

MathsBot - AfL Check Up
A handy tool to quickly check the understanding of pupils on a wide range of topics. Questions can be made easier or harder as needed and a time limit set for each question. Ideally used with mini whiteboards in the classroom.

Form Time Ideas
I love this. A wonderful selection of questions and fascinating facts on a whole host of subjects (not all maths!) that can be used in tutor time.