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Track Progress on Diagnostic Questions

Here you will learn how to track the progress of individual students or a whole class over time on my Diagnostic Questions website.

Track Progress  Videos

How do I get a picture of one of my student’s understanding?keyboard_arrow_up
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After your students have been using Diagnostic Questions for a while, it is possible to get a good sense of their understanding of the whole of mathematics (or any subject), revealing their may areas of strength and development. In this video I show you show you can do this.

How do I measure a student’s progress over time?keyboard_arrow_up
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Seeing how a child is doing as a whole is great, but often the real power comes when you can see what progress they have made over a given time period. This could be useful for writing a report, preparing for Parents’ Evening, or just to gain a deeper understanding of the journey the students is on. In this video I show you how you can do this.

How do I compare students?keyboard_arrow_up
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Sometimes you might wish to compare students, in order to discover trends, decide on intervention, find class experts, or even optimal pairings. This may involve  comparing one student to another student, or comparing one student to the rest of their class. In this video I show you how.

How do I get a picture of my class’ understanding?keyboard_arrow_up
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Whether you are deciding on what topics to revise before an exam, or looking at baseline knowledge before teaching a new topic, it can be incredibly useful to get a picture of your whole class’ understanding of a whole subject, or a subset of it. In this video I show you how to do that.