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View Results and give Feedback on Diagnostic Questions

Here you will learn how to view your students results, print off reports and give feedback to students on my Diagnostic Questions website.

View Results and give Feedback Videos

How do I view the results of an assignment?keyboard_arrow_up
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Now that your students have completed an assignment, it would be a shame not to look at their results! In this video we see how you can view the results of a quiz, including changing the order of answers to focus on the most important questions, and seeing students’ explanations.

How do I download a student report?keyboard_arrow_up
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At Diagnostic Questions we are very much aware of the need for paper-based evidence of students’ work. Hence, we have created the option to download an individual student’s answers to a given quiz, which also includes correct explanations to questions they got wrong. Not only will this provide evidence of a student’s work, it should also prove to be a useful revision tool.

How do I download a class report?keyboard_arrow_up
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There may be times when you need a paper copy of a class’ performance on a particular quiz. Maybe you are taking it to a meeting, or want to put it in a file. In this video I show you how you can generate this in one click.

How does Feedback work?keyboard_arrow_up
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I am super excited about the potential for Feedback on Diagnostic Questions. Not only do I think it could save teachers hours or time each week, but I genuinely believe it will allow us to do our jobs more effectively. In this video I show you how the system works at the moment - it is a bit clunky, but can still making marking and feedback so much easier by allowing you to group students by misconception and set follow-up questions.