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Diagnostic Questions from a Student's Point of View

What does my Diagnostic Questions website look like from a student's perceptive? These videos will show you!

From a Student's Point of View Videos

How do students sign up and join a class?keyboard_arrow_up
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When you have created your classes, next comes the job of inviting students to join them. We do this by creating an invite code which students type in when registering for the site.

How do students answer quizzes?keyboard_arrow_up
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Watch what the process of answering a quiz on Diagnostic Questions looks like from a student’s perspective.

How do students view other students’ explanations?keyboard_arrow_up
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See how students can review their answers and benefit from reading correct explanations from students from all around the world until they find the magic one that makes sense to them.

How can students keep track of their results and use them to revise?keyboard_arrow_up
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We have tried our best to make it as easy as possible for students to view their full collection of results on Diagnostic Questions, and then use these results to help them further their studies and deepen their understanding.

How can students use the Diagnostic Questions Revision Page?keyboard_arrow_up
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We have built a very special Revision Page to help students in the build up to their exams.This video shows you how they can use it.

How can students use their Insights page?keyboard_arrow_up
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Students may find their very own, unique insights page helpful for their own revision, but also when working with a tutor, teacher or parents to focus in on the key areas.