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Create and Assign on Diagnostic Questions

Here you will learn how to create and edit questions, quizzes and assignments on my Diagnostic Questions website.

Create and Assign Videos

How do I create a question?keyboard_arrow_up
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Without questions, there wouldn’t be much of a site. And as I discussed in the pedagogy sections, teachers and students writing questions is one of the most useful things they can do. Here I show you an easy way of quickly getting your lovely questions on the site.

How do I create a quiz?keyboard_arrow_up
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In this video we take a look at how you can very easily create your own bespoke quizzes out of your own questions, other people’s, awarding bodies, or a combination of all three!

How do I share a quiz with my colleagues and the world?keyboard_arrow_up
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Now you have built a lovely quiz, you might want to keep it just for your students, share it with your colleagues, or let the whole world take a look. In this video, I show you how.

How do I find and preview a quiz?keyboard_arrow_up
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There are 1000s of top quality quizzes already waiting on the website, but finding the right one to suit your exact needs is the key. In this video, I show you how.

How do I set an assignment?keyboard_arrow_up
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Now that you have found the perfect quiz, it is time to set it for your students. In this video I show you how you can do exactly that in just a couple of clicks!

How do I edit an assignment?keyboard_arrow_up
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Oh no, you’ve set the wrong assignment! Or you’ve picked the wrong class! Or you have chosen the wrong end date! Or you want to give your students a week longer! Fear not, it is very easy to fix all of that.

How do I set up a live quiz?keyboard_arrow_up
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Live Quizzes provided an incredibly exciting way to use Diagnostic Question in the classroom environment. In this video I will show you the advantages of a live quiz, and how you can easily set one up for your class.