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GCSE Maths Interactive Notes and Examples

The following interactive quizzes and examples, allowing you to try out questions and then see the fully worked solutions, are kindly provided by the wonderful Brain-Cells. Thank you David for these!


Algebra keyboard_arrow_up
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General Algebra Revision

Using Formula Examples

Expanding Brackets Examples
Factorising Quadratics Examples
Factorising Quadratics Quiz
Completing the Square Examples

Solving Equations Examples
Solving Equations with unknowns on both sides Quiz
Using Quadratic Formula Examples

Simultaneous Equations Examples
Simultaneous Equations on a Graph Examples

Trial and Improvement Examples

Equation of Straight Lines Quiz
Quadratic Graphs Examples

Linear Sequences Examples
Linear Sequences Quiz
Quadratic Sequences Examples

Simultaneous Equations Quiz

Solving Inequalities Examples
Inequalities - Shading Regions Examples
Transformation of Functions Examples

Number keyboard_arrow_up
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Multiplication and Division Examples

Rounding to Significant Figures Examples

Fractions Examples

Decimals Examples
Decimals Quiz

Percentage of Amount Quiz
Percentage of Amount Examples
Non Calculator Percentages Examples 
Percentage Test Mark Examples
Percentages with Calculator Quiz
Percentage Change Examples
Percentage Increase and Decrease Quiz
Percentage Change Quiz

Factors, Multiples and Primes Examples
Powers and Roots Examples
Standard Index Form Examples

Ratio Examples
Proportionality Examples

Surds Examples

Shape and Geometry keyboard_arrow_up
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Area Examples
Surface Area Examples
Volume Examples
Dimensions Examples

Circumference of a Circle Quiz
Area of a Circle Quiz
Area of Sections of Circles Examples

Polygons Quiz
Angles Examples
Angles Quiz

Pythagoras Examples

Pythagoras Quiz
Trigonometry Examples
Trigonometry - Finding Sides Quiz
Trigonometry - Finding Angles Quiz
Sine Rule Examples
Cosine Rule Examples

Compound Measures (speed, density) Examples
Speed, Distance, Time Quiz

Similarity Examples

Data and Statistics keyboard_arrow_up
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Averages Examples
Mean, Median Mode and Range Quiz
Mean Quiz
Estimating Mean Examples

Survey Examples
Two Way Tables Examples

Stem and Leaf Diagrams Examples
Pie Chart Examples
Frequency Polygons and Pie Charts Examples
Scatter Diagrams Examples
Real Life Graph Examples
Cumulative Frequency Examples
Box Plots Examples

Probability Examples
Probability - Mutually Exclusive Events Quiz
Probability - Sample Space Quiz
Probability Tree Diagrams Examples
Probability Tree Diagrams with Conditional Probability Examples