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Video Guides for AQA Level 2 in Further Mathematics

Below you will find Raw Maths' complete set of Further Maths videos, which I have organised into topic areas. The videos are simply excellent.

I would also recommend you check out:

  1. 1st Class Maths has a fantastic collection of video lessons and practice questions
  2. JerryJam on YouTube has a useful A* Guide to AQA Further Maths where he takes you through each chapter of the textbook.
  3. Riley Maths is also worth a look for talking through specific exam questions
  4. Corbett Maths has a great collection of videos and practice questions


Algebra and Number Basics keyboard_arrow_up
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Algebra Basics
Algebraic Proof
Quadratic Sequences
Index Laws

Brackets and Factorisingkeyboard_arrow_up
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Brackets and Simplifying
Difficult Factorising
Algebraic Fractions
Manipulating Formulae and Expressions
Factor Theorem
Completing the Square

Functions keyboard_arrow_up
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Using Functions
Domain and Range of Functions
Sketching Functions

Equations keyboard_arrow_up
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Forming and Solving Linear and Quadratic Equations
Simultaneous Equations
Solving Linear and Quadratic Inequalities

Co-ordinate Geometrykeyboard_arrow_up
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Gradient of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Distance between 2 points
Midpoints and Ratio
General Equation of a Line
Drawing Straight Lines
Equation of a Circle

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Gradient Function and Rate of Change
Gradient Functions and Tangents of Curves
Differentiating Polynomials
Equations of Tangents and Normals to Curves
Stationary Points, Increasing & Decreasing Functions
Sketching a Curve with Stationary Points

Matrices keyboard_arrow_up
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Matrix Multiplication
Identity Matrix
Matrix Transformation of the Unit Square
Combination of Matrix Transformations

Angles and Geometrykeyboard_arrow_up
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Geometry - The Basics
Geometric Proofs

Trigonometry keyboard_arrow_up
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Sine and Cosine Rule
Pythagoras in 2D and 3D
Trigonometry and Pythagoras in 2D and 3D
Sketch Trigonometric (Sin, Cos and Tan) Graphs
Using Definitions of Sin, Cos and Tan
Using Special Trigonometry Ratios (30, 45, 60)
Trigonometric Identities
Solving Trigonometry Equations